We turn raw hemp into pure bliss.

Clean & potent. No markups.

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Pure & Potent CBD      

      No Middle People, No Markup

Pure & Potent CBD      



Tastes Amazing

No Markup

Consistent Dosage

No High



It’s a Mood.

Meticulously formulated gummies & tinctures for better living.

THC-free and non-habit forming

No artificial flavors or fake stuff

Extracted cleanly

Giddy-up, partner.

No more CBD “wild west” - we’re the real deal.

Before Enjjoy, we kept a low profile as the folks supplying your favorite CBD brands (yup, even that one!), but decided it was time to bring our superior cannabinoid blends directly to the people at half the price.

Cool, but why should I care?

No middle people, no markups

We source, extract, and process our hemp ourselves

Twice as potent as most brands, at half the price

Meticulously formulated Moods

Our process

Pure & Potent      

      No Middle People, No Markup

Pure & Potent      

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Gummies Sampler

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